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All kinds of projects:

  • Residential

  • Industrial

  • Commercial and civil

All kinds of construction:

  • Brick

  • Steel

  • Stone

  • Concrete

All kinds of solutions:

  • Foundations

  • Underpinning collapsed walls

  • Retaining wall rectification

  • Rectifying landslips

  • Steel reinforcement

  • Retention tables

  • Stormwater drainage

  • Shoring sites for excavation

  • Tunnelling in restricted areas

  • Shotcreting

  • Heritage restoration

  • Basements


This can be done as steel sheet piling or timber shoring depending on the situation, location, job size or type of solution that is required.

Underpinning and jacking

With our 30 – 100 tonne jacks we can cater all types of underpinning in any situation. Our most common situations requiring underpinning are:

  • The original foundation is simply not strong or stable enough.
  • The usage of the structure has changed.
  • The properties of the soil supporting the foundation may have changed (possibly through subsidence) or were mischaracterized during design.
  • The construction of nearby structures necessitates the excavation of soil supporting existing foundations.
  • It is more economical, due to land price or otherwise, to work on the present structure’s foundation than to build a new one.

Structural rectification

Rectifying decaying, dilapidated or condemned structures is a job done with pride at Abroearth. Great care is given to bring the structure back to its original specifications where appropriate, or improve it further with modern techniques and materials.

Heritage renovation

Abroearth can modify and rectify any heritage building to its original condition.

This can involve both structural rectification as well as cosmetic rejuvenation to heritage buildings – especially with buildings requiring the special attention needed for decorative and traditionally styled stone masonry.

Structural rectifications on heritage buildings often require cosmetic attention to be given at the same time. By providing benefits in both areas simultaneously allows Abroearth to implement a competitive and cost effective restoration.

Screw Piers

We can provide foundation structures using 10 – 50 tonne screw piers.

A geotechnical analysis takes out the guesswork which enables us to provide a fixed price foundation for your structure regardless of job size and with no hidden extras.

We can engage engineers at Calare Civil to design a suspended slab which:

  • Is ideal for difficult and reactive sites
  • Ensures a more crack and movement resistant slab
  • Minimises excessive concrete price blowouts on your project

See more info at our other business: Central West Screw Piers.